About YAFI

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YAFI is a technology focused marketing and consulting group. We specialize in delivering need based solutions for clients with an emphasis on driving new profit. We maximize the revenue potential for our clients, and help them acquire new customers at lower costs, utilizing multiple forms of media and communications. 

“YAFI is about breaking the chain of self bondage and commanding life to deliver exactly what you ask for, but with spiritual blessings.” 

How we can help you?

  • Increase revenue
  • Enhance the consumer experience
  • Add value to your existing clientele
  • Increase spend and profitable accounts
  • Drive return on investment
  • Create and maintain relationships

Our solutions

Our clients are searching for a new approach on driving higher return on investment. We have the solutions to all of your objectives.

  • Our detailed loyalty programs offer points for every day purchases, instant bonus points at local, regional and national merchants and merchant-funded bonus points for shopping at leading online merchants.
  • Our membership programs that provide savings in your everyday shopping and assistance in life altering situations.

We take care of the complex, you reap the benefits.

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