About YAFI

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YAFI is a private membership, which provides lifestyle benefits for our members. We deliver need based solutions, with an emphasis on overall protection, finances, health, identity, pets, auto, and more. We maximize our members lifestyle, leveraging group buying with premiere service access.  

How do we help YAFI members?

  • Enhance members overall consumer experience
  • Add great value to members daily lifestyle
  • Increase members overall protection

The YAFI solution!

  • Members receive access to premiere services and benefits that make their dollar stronger. Our solutions make it a daily reality for each member.¬†
  • Our membership offer benefits for every day purchases, instant discounts online, local, regional and national merchants. Plus deep discount shopping at leading online merchants.
  • Our membership programs that provide savings in your everyday shopping and assistance in life altering situations.

We take care of the complex, while our members reap the rewards.